Why We’re Making Once Game a Month

The idea of making one game a month is certainly not new, it’s even been meta-gamified with #1GAM. One of the questions we got was why we’re not participating in #1GAM? Well, part of it is we’re busy making the actual games, and we have to choose where and how to commit our resources carefully. I briefly considered it in order to connect to other people making games, but it doesn’t seem likely for us to forge a lot of meaningful relationships in a mature community of 13,000 developers. It’s also not like we need the motivational aspects of gamification.

So Why One Release per Month?


We need time to get comfortable with our tools and our processes, but more importantly we need to explore the space for a concept that will stick. We’re not ready to spend months chasing down one illusive idea if we’re not reasonably sure, both of our own interest in the concept and the public demand for it. It seems easy to commit to the first idea that comes our way, without knowing if anyone (including us) will care about it long term.

That being said, we aim to make our monthly game concepts high quality, fully playable downloads without game-breaking bugs. As far as we know, our last release had only one major defect regarding the persistence of savegames.

When Will We Make a Long-Term Game?

Right now we have a lot of ideas we’d like to test drive. Some of them may work out well, others may not. That’s an expected part of our process right now. We’ll commit to a longer-term project when we feel we have the experience and the data we need to make it.

Even though we’re not charging money for our monthly releases, UDVEN is fundamentally a commercial endeavor. We’ll know the right factors are in place for a bigger project when the financial aspects seem feasible – which is a good benchmark, I think.

– Udo